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Congrats on the new blog! My great-uncle told me of his time in a POW camp during WW2 in France. He said he grew tiny potatoes and how the Red Cross helped out with supplemental care packages - but that they were basically starving. He also related how soldiers from different countries would trade growing tips and recipes and share their bounty - what little there was of it. Maybe the Army should make this part of basic training - how to grow a sustenance garden while in captivity - maybe issue some seed packs for soldiers to carry as well.

More confirmation of that well-known manifesto item, that gardening MATTERS.

This was a great piece on NPR. I blogged it as well, and wrote NPR a letter. I recorded it over the phone with them for possible broadcast, but I dont know if it ever aired. You can read the text on my blog at

Thanks, and I look forward to all of your writing.

- Xris, aka Flatbush Gardener

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