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Interesting. You know, I almost think we need a separate list of 10 common URBAN garden blunders, because many of his mistakes are not even possible in the small urban gardens I am familiar with. I think there's only one person on my block who has ANY grass, much less too much. The stuff won't grow; we've given up on it.

And we have to use smaller trees and shrubs if we want to plant anything else.

Number 3? I wish that was a problem in many of the gardens I know.

Number 4. Major. I could not possibly agree more.

Love the Renegade.

Nice article by Don. I agree with his list of 10 big mistakes to make when gardening. However after reading Susan's post I feel it's time to dispell a myth: the British make exactly the same mistakes as the American gardeners do. The British are not born with a special gene for gardening the right way, you know. ;-)

I've seen too many horrible British gardens to have any illusions about their gardening skills in general. Brits are people too, it's a thing.

And for the record, here in the Netherlands many people make many if not all of the mistakes that Don describes in his article. What can I say? The Dutch are people too!

Great post and link. I agree with all of it, and particularly apppreciated his comment about "clown collars."

I am going to be re-landscaping my front yard in the next few months and I'm trying to come up with the plan myself--something that I hope will not end up on somebody's list of blunders. I'm realizing, though, that the important thing is to just do it, and hope that whatever blunders might result are fixable. But I'll definitely be keeping this list of blunders in mind as I work through the design.

I'm with Eliz. Most of the blunders on the list are luxuries of suburban sprawl. Urban dwellers have their own blunders. I think this warrants its own post.

#8 I never had trees and shrubs to rip out until we bought our house two years ago. It turned out that major editing was required to address someone else's #5 several decades ago. The urban version of #5 is usually buying something "pretty" at the supermarket or hardware store which was raised in chemically-dependent greenhouse conditions, and which will be lucky to last a month on the windy fire escape which is its fate.

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