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Morbid? Nah. I think we're all just looking for the magic bullet, frankly (kind of like a diet pill). I am hoping my own coldframe/hoop house comes SOMEWHAT near Coleman's production level this winter, but will it? I'm not sure. Will I keep trying? Yes I will. So whether it's fatalism or stupidity or just a dogged optimism, we just keep trying. And that's all we can do is try, right?

(And I confess I don't have my melons and squash planted yet. Nor my dahlias. SIGH.)

The solution, of course, is to just empty out your living room and turn it over into some grow lamps that you can make very cheaply out of shop lights and PVC tubing. Give all your plants a nice head start and then move them into the garden at your leisure. At that point, you can surely dress the grow lights in something that makes them part of the decor, and not just a garden implement. Use your imagination.

On the other hand, for the lateness of your spring you also have an abundance of sunshine during those long summer days. Take advantage. Down here in the District of Columbia, our radishes and arugula were already bolting before you had your peas started. And the peas always come down with some sort of wilt. Normally, we can't even plant sweet peas--it's too damn hot and humid.

Moral of the story: we all have our crosses to bear. Work with it...

See, this is why I wish more of my students were gardeners. Then they'd understand my analogy between the student who goofs off all term then stays up late the night before the exam, and the farmer who goofs off all summer then tries to plant and grow everything the night before harvest. Can't be done. Some things just require time.



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