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Well said!

That was perfect Amy! Loved it. Sure wish they would take your advice.

Amy, litigation might keep her warm at night; she's a lawyer. She knows exactly what she's doing, and it doesn't sound like a happy ending for the florist.

They will be divorced within 10 years.

How could they possibly last ten years? I hope her husband has a good lawyer.

oh! thank you! I actually needed to hear that about my own life. . . .

Eek! Bridezilla alert! You're right, I feel sorry for the florist and her husband. We can only hope that she will eventually mature emotionally.

Unbelievable. It's a sad sad life in which you can't find a better cause that suing over the color of flowers. Even this story gives lawyers--and bridezillas--a bad name.

--Robin (Bumblebee)

part of me thinks if you spend $27K on something like this, then whoever's charging $27K should be getting it right and paying consequences for not doing a refund not $400K. The other part of me thinks $27K on flowers?!?!? Were the centerpieces constructed entirely from female Encephalartos woodii cones?

ROTFLMAO! Dear Disappointed Bride: get a life!

I recently got married, and already these are all true, good advice. At our wedding, it was essential to overlook flaws, just as in the garden--but at least in the garden if something goes very wrong you can move it or replace it. Well, you CAN do that in marriage too I guess....

You go girl.
You planned , checked, double checked , pre-paid thousands of dollars , were definitely assured that the color flower that you requested would be available 9 months ahead of time, were shown an exact floral arrangement with the correct flower color ( for a fee of $ 1000.00 ) and sent over 250 emails to your florist.
And what did you get ?
Dusty half filled vases of the wrong colored flower for the grand total of 27 K.

If I or anyone else was paying that amount they would want for it to be right or at the very least be informed of the revision.
The florist did not inform the bride of the revision
nor answered or responded to many of her emails.

Dear over priced florist, didn't anybody tell you that we are in a SERVICE oriented profession ?
One must provide exceptional service if they want to receive exceptional payment,... which you requested and were given.

Oh poor over priced under serviced florist : "this is why us professionals carry omissions and errors insurance."

The florist made a 27 K error . Pay the lady.

It is doubtful the bride will reap 400 K , but the florist won't be so quick to provide shoddy craftsmanship, agree to something that he cannot provide and disregard emails from his paying client.

OK, that does it; I'm forcing my daughter to elope!

Yes, the only way to get it right is to not see it as wrong to begin with. Must need the $400k to buy even more stuff, apparently the bridal registry horde isn't enough. Sure wish this country could go back to hating the rich!


Distress. Embarrassment. Gimme a break.

$27,000? On flowers? Oh, dear dog, I don't spend that much on my entire garden in an entire year, and I have plenty of flowers.

If Bridezilla has another spare $27,000 sitting around that she can't think of a better use for than a flower arrangement that will wilt within a few days anyway, she could send it to me instead. I could put it to good use.

I was waiting to hear what Amy would say about this story. Nice response, although much less industry-oriented than I expected.

It's not even about the bride or the florist, it's about real life...great message Amy, and so true.

Nice, Amy. After you've been married for a while, the idea that the wedding is important seems like a joke.

Loved it! "You can have a fight, or you can have dinner". Brilliant.

Flowers are, or were living things, & as such can't always be depended on. When 1 of my sisters got married, we ordered beautiful flowers that included huge oriental lilies. The flowers looked terrible in all the photos taken after we left the bride's house. They were all brown & wilted. Why,we wondered, & is the florist responsible? Then we considered that the temperature that day was below zero. The flowers got frozen. Definitely not the florist's fault. Just 1 more thing to take into consideration when dealing with live plant material.

OK. Must ask. What DID she want and what DID she get? Was it just the color or the type of flowers?

Recently engaged and with a florist mother, I sympathize with the bride. not $400,000 worth of sympathy, though. She should get the flowers that were the wrong color for free, at least. Oh, and Mr. McGregor's Daughter, if it was below zero, the florist should have covered the flowers on the way in.
For my wedding, I'm hoping mom plants a nice cutting garden.

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