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There are worse reasons for buying a house! :-) I bought my house because it had such a big garden (big but boring) and a nice conservatory.

Congrats on winning a Mousie for Best Writing, well done team!

I saw my o ld farmhouse in the fall but the realtor and I ate apples sitting in the overgrown grass under an ancient apple tree. I sighed and said I will never be able to live here. But that was 29 years ago. the house hasn't fallen down, neither has the apple tree. this apple tree is only one of a number of old apples in bloom right now. Glory. Glory.

I'd love to be able to buy a house that has an apple tree but I think we are going to have to end up planting one or two or three :) wherever we end up. At least then our kids will know that joy growing up.

I completely relate to this. The most recent post on my blog has photos from a local orchard. It is a magical place at all times, IMHO, but much more so when blossoming, somehow.

But I may be biased. :)

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