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kudos on yellow oxeye. we have had it a few times at our garden center and it is a tough plant indeed

Given my penchant for 'great plants that look good dead', I really like telekia. Last year's seed heads are still standing strong even though this year's growth is catching up with them.

I have had my Telekia for four years,in full Sun,in the Butterfly Garden.Everyone coming into the Garden ask's about it.On your picture it's planted next to Goatsbeard,my Goatsbeard is in morning Sun,i was surprised to see the two together.Learn something new every Day.

Luise, that's a strange corner for me--the point where the shadow cast by the north side of my house and the fence meets blazing sun. So the goatsbeard gets enough shade to do well, and so does the telekia and the dahlia next to it.

Telekia seed is available from Gardens North (near Ottawa, Ontario). They ship to the US of A. 30 sds for $4 CDN. That's where I got mine. The plant is amazing - just keeps going on with no attention at all.

Who can tell me about the plant on the right side of that photo with the delicate white blooms. Name? Does it require full sun?

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