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Other than Susan's competition with the Gabor sisters, I think plant species diversity in our gardens as a hedge against global warming and how that intersects with the native/exotic debate and how global free trade is creating a unitary global environment by the rapid movement of plant and animal species would be a simple topic for discussion.

Rumor has it I missed Susan by 15 minutes! 15 lousy, stinking minutes!

My topic pick would be the downsides of Garden Walk's phenomenal success. How do the people behind the event deal with the problems that come from so much growth in a relatively short period of time? Is GW changing or evolving, and is that ok? Are people coming out of the woodwork with their own agendas now that GW has established itself?

I know this sounds kind of cynical and negative but I'm curious. We could even call the movie "Will Success Spoil Rock Garden?"

Yes, what about the proliferation of food gardening? In difficult economic times, growing food is going to be what brings a lot of folks to the gardening world.

Many of us grow both edibles and ornamentals, as well as medicinals. But there tends to be a blogging dichotomy between "flower people" and "food people". I see a lot of younger people, into the organic and locavore movements, growing food, but not hooking up with the traditional "hort club" crowd. Or perhaps, I am seeing young food growers *blogging* more, and older gardeners are less visible here. Forum sites like GardenWeb see more older gardeners sharing experience.

PS that could be applied to gardening in general. Is it changing as it becomes more popular? How is marketing/media different? Have you seen these kinds of cycles before?

My garden blog has opened up a whole new world for me. It's great to be able to correspond with other gardeners around the world!

I would stick to the written blog format. Too much of the world is diminished by video.

I enjoy pulling weeds not spraying them and I enjoy reading gardening not watching it.

The (typsetter) TROLL

How can we say what you should have discussed when we haven't seen the video?

Well, we did talk about pretty much what I listed in the post. The video needs to be edited so I hope will be up by Sunday.

@ John -

Garden Walk Buffalo seems to be dealing fine with its success. It hasn't been over night. The growth, in a short period of time you speak of, has happened over 14 years. Not really a short time at all. Its grown gradually each year.

Are there downsides of the success of the tour that we're not aware of?

Sorry I missed it! Let's see that video.

What I have wondered is where do you get the energy to do such a thorough job of everything you do?

It seems that you write, garden, network, have fun, organize other people to do great stuff, etc.

When you bottle that energy I'd like to buy some!

Thanks Martha! All I can say is that gardening and gardening blogging has made more of an impact/change/whatever in my life than I ever would have thought possible. It's the new thing I totally needed.

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