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Great video! A little long, but it gets the point across.

I've been super-aware of bees lately. CCD doesn't seem to be a problem in my neighborhood, and I hope it doesn't become one.

I also just made some of my own honey vanilla ice cream to match against Haagen-Dasz's version. Theirs is darn good. But mine is better.

Pictures of bees, honey and ice cream here:

yo, yo yo, I want 'dem dance'n bees in my garden.

Great video, and darn good ice cream. As if Haagen Daz has to encourage me to eat more ice cream!

This summer I have seen 2 honey bees in my yard. Just 2. I live in Denver. CCD is scary stuff!

That video is just the bees knees! :)

Kyle, I'm in Denver, too! But there are bees *everywhere* in my 'hood. I've seen five swarms in the last few months, and countless bees zooming around collecting nectar.

I wish we could know what the critical factors are for bees here and not there.

I've seen more honeybees this year than in the last five combined, which is good news! Before that, I went several years without seeing any. This year, there were hundreds of them on a wild cherry when it bloomed, and I've been seeing them on my flowers from time to time - not many, but some. I'm in Maryland. I just wish we knew what was causing CCD. I've read it may be the icides that are nervous system disruptors. I hope they find the cause soon so it can be stopped.

Here in my Minnesota garden, I have also seen about two honeybees. The bumblebees seem to have taken over the coneflowers and bee balm. I didn't have many honeybees last year either, but more than this year.

Oh c'mon, someone point to the obvious and scream "WTF!" HD is creating awareness by making a new flavor of ice cream and this is "paying tribute" to the bees. I'm sure the bees need these props, yo, OR maybe they'd be better off not vanishing, word up, and we's could helps dem out, dog. I am NOT going to "help" by purchasing ice cream; not even if it comes with a queen honeybee inside so you can establish your own colony. BTW--how many people are going to pick up on this unless everyone goes to the freezer section of the store, then the ice cream section, then HG, and then carefully reads each container. Oh snap. I'm going to go water my pots, and myself....

The company is donating money toward bee research and has created some outreach programs. They're not very specific about actual amounts, and yes, it's mostly self-serving, but it's a movement in the right direction.

Wow, this is most definitely NOT the way Karl von Frisch described "bee dances!"

I found a dead honeybee on my patio last night.... I don't think I've ever seen a dead honeybee - bumblebees yes, but not honeybees.... a new theory on disappearing bees was given to us by a British sci-fi character, Dr Who, apparently some bees are actually aliens who know the Daleks are coming to exterminate the human race and so have gone home..............I'm think I'll go hide under the table with some ice cream until this whole thing blows over....!!!!!

But seriously folks, I too have honeybees on my bee balm, but also lots of bumblebees. But the honeybees are definatley less than previous years, when the whole area where the beebalm is would hum with the sound of bees - now you have to get really close to hear them....

Bumlebees on the beebalm and honey bees on the lambs ears. Also had to roll a dead honeybee off ten minutes ago of the swath of toile that we have draped like a sheer canpoy over the shallow end of the koi pond. By the way - no more herons!

All the stuff about honeybees aside (and I don't brush it aside lightly, let me tell you) that video was hilarious.


One easy way to help the bee population just in your yard and area is too build bee houses for the wild bees to overwinter.

Came across this today on the BBC Garden section of their website. Interesting addition to Garden Rants text.

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