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I've had honeybees, bumblebees, and syrphid flies all over my ceanothus, my Lincoln Constance rose, various herbs in blossom, Coreopsis, catmint, and other good bee and butterfly plants, so I'm doing my bit by feeding them and carefully using organic pesticides only where they're absolutely needed.

Don't spray, just don't. Great video.

But Reading Dirt, I don'nt spray or use any chemicals, and in my garden I have catmint, coreopsis, bee balm, coneflowers, black eyed susan, joe pie weed, queen of the prairie, milkweed, and other bee and butterfly plants, but I have only bumblebees and one lonely monarch. So where are you? I'm in Minnesota and I don't have honeybees. (I am however, surrounded by neighbors who DO spray their sterile lawns.) Could that be the problem?

I've always raised honeybees in my yard. It's not near as easy as it used to be from talking to the old-timers. There's so many diseases and problems that it's a challenge enough just keeping them alive, much less trying to get honey. Now that we live next to a 400-acre landscape nursery, it nearly impossible top keep them alive with all the spraying they do. I'm down to one hive now from five.

It should be illegal to spray weed killers or insecticides on blooming plants. Weed and Feed should be banned.
I sell plants and do resort to chemicals when I have to. The random use of spending money for a bad environment is over I hope.
I sell plants and nothing that you don't need. If you ask for a weed killer, bug destroyer, or disease controller I'll help.
If you need it I'll sell it and if you don't I won't.
Only stupid rich people waste their money on lawn and yard chemicals.

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