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I really want to hate on Martha but I just can't do it. Her line of affordable housewares at K-Mart was fantastic. Sure, she's pompous and I shudder to think of how she treats her employees but I give her respect for being the Charles Eastlake of our time. We could do a lot worse. But yeah, I'd totally laugh at someone making fun of her show.

Ditto to "huh".
And who's Charles Eastlake?

Spoofs can be funny.
This wasn't. It was monotonous .
Hey, let's celebrate the miracle of mediocrity.
... Not.

Charles Eastlake, the great Victorian taste-maker. The guy who loved geometric patterns, unlike Ruskin, who preferred the flowery stuff.

I love Martha Stewart, too--mainly because she never, ever talks down to her audience and offers them really great information.

I confess to loving Martha yet feeling like I will never, ever live up to the Martha standard. It used to bother me, doesn't anymore. The nice thing about her stuff is that you can take away great information, even if you aren't a fanatic about making everything absolutely perfect.

I don't watch Martha Stewart often, but I have a candidate episode. It was some years ago at Hallowe'en. Martha was preparing a pumpkin snake along a walkway, involving a lot of pumpkins, a drill and little candle lights. She, having had the staff scoop the innards from what must have been 50 pumpkins, then proceeded to drill into the pumpkin to give each a series of translucent circles, through which the light of the candles would glow. For one evening.

The commentary on that one...

I like Martha,the Recipes in her Magazine,the Tips and Ideas on her Show.And even the"impossible for one person alone to achieve"Gardens that she shows in her Magazine.It's all great Inspiration.

Yes, but what about her DAUGHTER and the other chick? Is not her daughter annoying (and sounding like fun all at the same time)? I know who I'd want to party with. The conversation between the two reminds me of a talkie something cooked up for young-somethings. Nothing of substance, like so much of what's out there, but the dynamic was interesting. And for the anxious one (I can say this because I know), either have a martini or take the pill - you'll be better for it.

And Michele, I feel talked down to by Martha - maybe it's just her inflection and tone and not her words. I agree she has great advice, but I find her so annoying I can stand about 14 seconds, tops.

Kim, I'm with you on Alexis. I thought, "This is NOT a television-friendly personality, given the aggressive way she's pushing around her poor friend. But I'm pretty sure she'd be a lot of fun to have drinks with."

I really was looking forward to a good spoof of Martha although I secretly like watching her show for her cooking segments and decorating tips.

But this was incredibly painful to watch. These two girls come across as very silly and unintelligent. It's hard to believe they are the progeny of such successful moguls.

It was almost like watching a very bad rendition of "The View".

I tried listening to Alexis and her pal on Sirius and I could not get past Alexis' voice and demeanor.

Perhaps the gang from VH1's "Best Week Ever" could have their way with MARTHA.

I'm a big fan. My friends often jokingly compare me to Martha. Martha's pierogi recipe beats all the other church collection cookbook recipes I've used in the past hands down. Martha "fixed" my mother's nut roll by suggesting that you carve in bigger steam release holes into the top. Martha taught me how to make decent flower arrangements and to hang pictures.

I like her as long as I don't have to work with her or for her! I would love to have her gardeners, however...

Alexis is awful! Sure she may have taste, but she's so condescending to her friend, I wouldn't take it for very long and still be her friend.

Me, I'm a Martha fan. I love her stuff, and while I'll never be Martha, I don't want to be that anal about every little detail in my life anyway. I have other priorities, and no staff to help me out.

Alexis stewart is a very blunt, real woman, she is over 40 and has alot of experience in life. she may not be constantly wearing a smile but she has a very good veiw and i think we could all learn alot from her. the world is not all hunky dory and some people just have to realize most people are not happy all the time. ya gotta love her,

I actually really liked Alexis. I would love to have a friend who I could just shoot it straight from the hip with. and not have to worry about hurting feelings to just say what you really think and hear what they really think of what you say and do - and of course, friendship is all about knowing that when they give it to you straight, they love you anyway even when you are maddening.

That other gal who drinks all the diet soda would drive me nuts.

I like Martha and I also liked the idea they had for this 'Whatever, Marhta' show. However, I did see the show last night and was pretty shocked by the language. Here were two beautiful women talking like white trash. (Suggesting that a guy who collects rolls of twine likes to tie people up or use the hole in it to have sex???!!!) I had popped a bowl of popcorn to sit down and watch it with my daughter and both of us were pretty disappointed. It was a big let down.

I love it, I do think they could benefit from a good comedy writer because they are missing some very funny material. Overall very funny.

I have always liked Martha and maybe that is why I am like "Alexis who" She would be nothing without her Mom and how disgraceful to even approach Martha with this. Very sad television.

Martha Stewart is a household icon (One who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol) to us crafters, family meal preparers and do it yourselfers.

You know, I guess some of the sicko’s out there really think “WHATEVER” is funny. Personally, I am appalled.

Martha Stewart always has an extremely wonderful answer for almost any question in the realm of the household, including the grounds, the gardens and even the animals of a family.

I think Martha’s daughter needs to get a life of her own. If it weren’t for Martha, she wouldn’t be able to live a life of leisure and do nothing. It’s like a dog biting the hand that feeds it.

I think the show is funny, but maybe I'm one who likes ball busting humor...Its all in good fun. I find so much of "women's entertainment" on TV so boring and fake all the time. How much goody two shoes Rachel Ray or holier than though Oprah can one woman take? They may not be so stream lined, but Alexis and Jennifer seem real to me, and its nice to see two women talk a little "off color" once in a while. Besides, if Martha's cool with it, then we should be ok with it. Relax everyone!

It's a sad day when your job is to mock your mother.Alexis and Jennifer(lesbian lovers??)have nothing better to do? They are both annoying,especially Jennifer's hyena-like laugh. Who really cares what they think about Martha's old episodes! Obviously Martha is just creating a job for her daughter.Soooooo SAD!

Every decent thing in the world has been deleted-- it was bad anough that Martha got away with that crap she has, but now we are even more polluted with this "What ever! Martha"--What world do you girls live in anyway? Both shows, both people, are so errogant , usery, maladjusted that if there is a shred of true interest in this show then you truely know our society has no hope. When the public buys into this realm of ingenuine, fake manners and out right spoiled people -- you know we truely are stupid and have been sold down the river, and she is laughing all the way to the bank!I guess that is the kind of daughter you get when you are Martha-- no respect, no loyalty ,obscenely unkind, I wouldn't want to be in her shoes for eternity!

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