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They are really cute, seem to be wonderful pets and great for kids to learn skills handling them.

The only thing that bothered me about this is that the couple is raising them for beef and obviously more lives must be taken to get the same amount of beef, even though they yield more per lb.

Oh, this is creepy.

"They love you back," and then Ma and Pa kill them. These mini-moo's even help her children with life skills and anger management and then they send them off to slaughter to pay for school clothes!? Hey - I love a thick piece of steak once in awhile, but I just could not do this!

Responding to Barbara---that's why my farmer dad never named his cattle. They had id numbers. He didn't want us to make pets out of them. I was okay with number 43 going off to become food for the table. But it probably would have been a different story if it had a name like Chief.

Well, it would be more interesting to see a bunch of mini moos at the farmer's market... you'd have to pay attention to where you walked, that's for sure.

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