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I want to roll my naked body in it.

I want that for you, too, chuck b. ...maybe after the building closes, though.

Susan, nice. This is part painting, part sculpture, part garden installation on a whole new level, so to speak.

We have one of those in Idaho, too. See the article at:

I want it!

Here's one in Ithaca that's designed to capture runoff from roof.

chuk b:...................that statement is enough to make me want to get rid of my lawn!

I love the wall though..........keep your naked body to yourself!!!!


Professional and aspiring landscape designers may like to know that Haagen-Dazs is sponsoring a contest to design a bee-friendly year-round garden at UC Davis. The deadline is Jan. 30.

Thanks for this! one of the best I've seen...and I'm especially grateful for the plant list.

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