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keep visiting this blog very often.


Thanks for this post - on a related note, National Geographic has an excellent article in a recent issue about how the loss of SOIL suitable for growing food, in addition to climate change, is becoming a major issue in terms of global food security.

Here's the link:

It's a really excellent article for gardeners to read, and another reminder of how, even on a small scale, building the soil in our own gardens is one of the most important things we can do.

Milkweed, I so agree with you. That was a fantastic piece of reporting and writing. We covered it here:

Old news. There were food riots in many developing countries this past summer thanks to food supplies being used to make bio-diesel instead of feeding people. Blaming Americans with bad landscaping is illogical and quite extreme. And what does all this have to do with Pompeii?

Dawn Hill, the pressure on agricultural lands around the globe is not solely about bio-diesel--and it is likely to be intensified by climate change. And given that pressure, it's just insane, the way we waste our yards in this land-rich suburban nation.

About the photo--you know, our staff Art Director is on vacation, yet one must illustrate the post with something! I think a picture of Pompeii suits a story about the sudden collapse of civilization perfectly.

You could have weaved the thought of good agricultural lands being paved over by suburbia and strip malls with Pompeii's volcanic pavement. But then I think a picture of the Dust Bowl and the migration of the Oakies may have been more appropriate and easily identifiable with the topic of this post.

Next time your Art Director is on vacation feel free to consult me. (Ha)

This is great info to bring to your next Town Hall meeting to ask that some sunny public land be designated for a community garden instead on yet another soccer field.

Michele, I certainly hope people will plant food crops all over their private property or community gardens as they want or need. This is what gives me the creeps: Elitists telling property owners what they "should" be growing. That stuff you are preaching turns in practice into oppressive government regulation like "only 30% lawn in the front yard" or required plantings of this year's miracle plant. Do you want somebody who "read it in a book" sitting at a desk in the Ministry of Private Garden Oversight deciding what we ought to grow?

Also, I am put off by your negativity. Many people are blogging hard to put out a positive message of the rewards of gardening and homegrown food. You are stamping your feet, "Grow what I say or society will end! OMG!!!!"

Hey, Dawn, I'm just letting our readers know about an article I stumbled across. I'm not predicting food wars--I'm not qualified to say how likely that is.

And how am I an elitist for thinking wasted land is crazy?

Thanks for violating the feel good world of garden blogdom and pointing out the potentially "unthinkable" results of global warming. Lawns may be the least of our worries.

I'm sure you no doubt have heard about the push to have a victory garden planted at the White House. In fact, Susan and I chatted about this idea the other day over lunch. (Hi!) There's a really cool campaign underway led by Eat the View. Dunno if you've heard of them; they're an offshoot of Kitchen Gardeners International. I'll bet you guys are all over it!

Michele, I didn't think anyone believed in global warming anymore. You must be one of the handfull of people that hasn't realized the earth has cooled by an historic amount in the last two years, Why, temperatures have dropped back 3/4 of the way back from the gains made over the last 100 years.

Please you should realize the politically correct term today is climate change and the current claim is that the cooling we are experiencing is "weather" and the cause of this cooling is...yes, you guessed it, global warming.

Really, please let's get with the program. Global Warming is so passe. It is climate change brought on by global warming. You don't know how silly it sounds to be worried about global warming when temperatures are dropping, snow cover is at record levels, glaciers are rebuilding, ice is blocking the Artic again, polar bears are saved. All very naturally. Personally I liked it better when global warming was actually was warming things.

One of the real causes of hunger in the world is the fact that we subsidize farmers to grow corn to be burned in our gas tanks. this raises the price of fuel, pollutes more and raises the price of any food connected with corn and makes food less available worldwide and more expensive as well.

This is causing increased starvation.

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