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I love the Mrs. Greenthumbs books. I found her books the year I was discovering enormously talented people who had just died.

I've loaned (and gotten back) her books many times, and my friends have annoyed their husbands the same way I've annoyed mine by saying, "But wait. You've got to hear this part...." Her books make great out-loud reading material.

I have tears in my eyes reading this. Mrs. Greenthumbs was my hero forever. I, too, was crushed when she died. I never met her, but her humor blended with gardening smarts made her work the most wonderful gardening books on my shelf.

Her humor and joy is timeless.

Mrs. Greenthumbs is the reason I became a gardener! I wanted to be her... I still do!

Cassandra was such a fun person to be around. She was my dad's neighbor for a few years when I was a teenager. I remember such fun times with her whenever I would go to visit my dad.
She came up to Calgary for thee garden show about 13 years ago and my friend and I went to see her. We tracked her down in an office. I asked her if she knew who I was. It had been close to 20 years since she last saw me and that was in NYC, so who on earth was this strange woman in Calgary Alberta Canada, who was asking her if she knew who I was. I then mentioned the address that she had lived at 23 years earlier. She said "the address is right but who are you?" Then I told her that I was Michael's daughter and of course she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a huge hug. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Love reading her book and whenever I do I can hear her thick Brooklyn accent as I read it.

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