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FUN! I wanna take her class, too!

Wonderful! Thanks for the weblog links.


Hey, thanks for the write-up about the courses, Susan!

The bulk of my life was spent in Oklahoma so I know the habitat well, and I've led bird watching groups to visit Prairie Chicken leks to watch them dance. Now I live on the east coast and find myself constantly explaining the beauty of the plains to my neighbors and co-workers. I'm glad I'm from there. I'm glad I know it so well, but I don't want to live there anymore. Nature is worthwhile everywhere, one place is not better than another. It is nice to see others from the 'homeland' open a few more eyes to the middle of the country.

WOW! What a great concept. I like the "Love Your Ugly" idea. HMMM the lightbulb just went on.

Also, I would like to take the time to let all of you Ranters know that you have been a great inspiration to me. So I pass on this award to you all, a Friendship Award! in order to thank you.


I'd also love to take her "Women and Nature" course. I am working on her to take a sabbatical and come to Seattle to teach some of that stuff up here! I found her through the gardening blog world and feel like she is one of the real stand-outs here. Thanks for spotlighting her interesting work again.

That field trip sounds like a transformative experience. I'd love to lure some of my students into something that cool.

Thanks for appreciating this service for our winged relatives.

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