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Hey! These guys have razor-sharp reflexes, perfect timing, conduct precision maneuvers, and are trained to the limits of human endurance!

Or not...

They ARE fun to watch; ya'll stop by the Arcola Broom Festival Parade, and see their daring bravado in person...

Of course, most of us go just to see the crashes:)

Oh, this is too funny! Thanks for expanding my knowledge of specialized group activities.

Susan, I was just thinking, after reading the February edition of the Sustainable Gardening blog, that I can always! count on your to tell me what I need to know. And you have proved it once again. Thanks.

I'm sorry I missed seeing them in the video footage. I'd have gotten as much of a giggle from them as I did the Get A Life Marching Band ( from Portland. They were the grand finale for the parade. They're a hoot. The founder said, "When I started this band, it just grew like our waistlines" and their motto is "We'd rather miss a note than a meal!" I wasn't in band in HS but I'm wishing I was just so I could join this group now.

Just imagine the hilarity that could ensue if the World Famous Lawn Rangers of Amazing Arcola, Illinois and the Get A Life Marching Band of Portland, Oregon got together.

They are coming to wipe ou Ranters who despise lawns everywhere!!!!
They are right behind the Synchronized Briefcase Drill Team


Sorry Greg...

None of those mowers actually mow:) The "Rangers" are the bane of working lawn mowers everywhere!

The WILDFLOWER GUY (Ok...even I have a lawn mower, but...)

Susan - long time no type. Love the article; kinda like the Pasadena Doo-Dah parade. And why does that last photo look like our new president holding a toilet plunger over his head.

Here's a lead for over to Amazon and find Owen Dell's (my TV show co-host) just published "Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies" book. It's the bomb! You'll enjoy the read and I think it will crank up the appreciation of our dearly beloved mission for the rest of the world. Lemme know what you think. A review from you ladies would be most influential. in sb

Did you know the Lawn Rangers have their own Wikipedia page? They call themselves a precision lawn mowing drill team. Haha!

I mentioned your post in my latest edition of the Compost Pile. Judging by this week's news, it would appear sustainable gardening practices are becoming more mainstream. Finally some good news. ...

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