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I really enjoyed that article, thanks for sharing it. I grew up helping my grandmother in her garden and this will be my first year with real raised beds of my own... I have been poring over those seed catalogs for months now. I think if this spreads, it can be nothing but positive for us on so many levels.

I agree. I was fortunate to grow up in a gardening family. We grew all of our own food and preserved it. My mom still gardens extensively and I know if I have a question I can ask her. I just started growing my own food last year and I'm hooked. Hopefully my mom and I can pass along gardening knowledge to my nieces & nephews.

Beets are an easy veggie to grow. They transplant easily. I've never seen the plants for sale. Anyone can grow beets even in a pot. So far as I know they are pest free.
I'm drooling for fresh produce out of my backyard.

I meet many alienated gardeners -- mostly due to deer population explosion in our area. It is very sad to witness rheir delusionmenr - but I cannot blame them.

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