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Wow 120lbs a day and I thought my 100lb dog was bad with her production. Hmm at least composted cow manure I can put on my vegetable garden. The composted dog doo only benefits my oak trees.

I would venture to say that 120 pounds per day is some kind of rural myth. I can't imagine that's possible.

shoot, I think it's really interesting the way these dairy farmers figured out how to turn cow flop into a trendy, environmentally friendly, and useful product. Along the same lines, check out the NYT's article on Yellow is The New Green, all about recycling human waste. Eww! (and no more fluffy TP for this household!)

Apparently 80% of the manure is water! Imagine if all that 120lb was solid waste - we'd be buried in it!!

I'm a little skeptical about 120 lbs a day from a 800 lb animal. But what do I know. Funny idea though, the organic farmer's manure-ing his field and the Dept of Ag is saying, whoa nelly, your polluting the rivers! Its also funny that people don't mind touching cow crap. Golf Tees!

One last thing, they say the price of milk is down. Not for organic, not in m neck of the woods its up to 4.99 for a half-gallon. I haven't bought regular milk in years, maybe thats cheaper. Sounds like they should be making organic milk.

Yeah, that must be it because my experience has always been with the dry paddy (as it should be) so they're quite light and airy

I can't believe the Ranters missed the opportunity to comment on Yellow... they must be saving it for Pee On Earth Day, which, in the Northern hemisphere, is March 21st.

Whoops, sorry, it is June 21st. A warmer day for that particular activity, eh?

I hate to tear down the "120 pound of cow crap a day" factoid - but it just doesn't seem possible. We raise Charlois cattle and a large animal weighs about 1200 lbs - that would mean she poops a tenth of her weight every day. Whatever the reality is, I love the idea of seed starting pots made out of it!

Great final one-word sentence! I'm quite sad to hear about the extra-soft toilet paper. I won't give it up easily or quickly. Maybe someone will create a kind of cap and trade policy for tp? I'll give up plastic bottles for you if you give up extra-soft toilet paper for me.

And what about those lotions and junk they put on toilet paper? What do our amphibian "canary in the coal mine" friends have to ay about this? I'd like to not use toilet paper at all, but the alternative--giving myself a partial enema--isn't appealing. How do Europeans do that?

Holy Cow! Who knew. I had the displeasure to read the article about the TP and it ruined a good part of my day knowing that trees are being taken down just so we can wipe our a---- softly.

Hey, I'm a European, and we use loo paper just like the yanks!! And it is soft as well ( my Dad worked for Scott's, and used to bring home free paper products!). Maybe you're confused with tales from WW2 - mother says they used to use old newspapers in the out that's recycling!

120 lbs/day isnt impossible but it is on the high end of the spectrum... Average dairy cow puts out about 90 lbs per day...
(see link)

First, this is about dairy cows not beef cattle. I can tell none of you are from a dairy state like Wisconsin or you would know the size of manure holding tanks — and the size of the problem. Farm runoff and urban runoff are pretty equal in the pollution game hereabouts. There were five stories in the local paper in January on manure issues and water quality, so it is a vital topic in this region. I am a city resident in an urban community surrounded by four lakes, which are all negatively affected by runoff, including that from farms and urban lawns.

120 lbs? Puleeze. I know I scoop a lot of poop from my Jersey cow's stall on the rare occasions she's confined, but it's nowhere near 120 lb. a day. (Might make my gardens happier if she ramped up the poo production though.) As for those holding tanks . . . yeah, big ag has its problems. Can't feed the growing urban masses without big ag though, not at the prices people are used to paying for food.

Polyculture, polyculture, polyculture.

Put that manure to use growing vegetables!

I think producing scratchy old recycled toilet paper is a crappy idea.

Well, an Australian here and in WW2 and somewhat beyond we used old newspaper, cut up into convenient squares and tied up with string so it would hang on a hook in the dunnie, but the best time of the year was when we could use the old phone book -- it was easier to cut up into the right-sized sheets.

I will not go into the softness/lack thereof issue, except to say that the State Department's Post Report for Melbourne once had a fairly detailed section on the need for Americans to bring their own TP to Australia in order to avoid the local variety. Said section hit the newspapers, to the endless amusement of the locals.

But as of now, Australians & Europeans use soft TP, just like here.

There is a "Dirty Jobs" on this guy. He is quite a hoot! Esp with Mike Rowe running around after him fixing stuff and getting fallen tree branches out of his lake of liquid poo. Quite entertaining and informative. :)


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