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love it!

Oh dear!

And that styrofoam is also essential. It's actually a haunting shot.

BTW, this is just St Pat's Day parade stuff. It's not a chronic condition, thank goodness!

A first for bloom day!

Love the general approach to gardening here. I will be back to read more when time allows. I live in SoCal and so can garden year round (can and do are not synonyms) and get to grow interesting things in addition to food. *Love the pics*, plants are so lovely.

Thanks for accepting this unorthodox submission, Carol!

My first thought is this must be the northern urban version of the southern bottle tree in a vacant lot down by the river. St Paddy's day residue is a much more comforting thought.

The porta potties have hot skinny chicks serving beer on tap.

I think someone deserves credit for not throwing them on the ground. Personally, I'd prefer a Guinness bottle tree. Bud just doesn't do it — esp. for St. Paddy's Day!

It is a mystery to me how beer and St. Patrick came to be connected. I agree with Pam J. that this is a haunting shot.

You got me!

My yard is filled with blossoms - native peach, plum, redbud and orchard fruits. Plus tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and their friends.

I fully expected to see buds. Laughed out loud. Thanks.

I have heard that such buds contain intoxicating nectar.

This bud's for you. ;)

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