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Congrats to all the winners. These were so much fun to read that we all did win in the end!

Congrats to all - I've enjoyed these short 'novels' more than the last several full-length books I've taken on !

Gardenrant, thank you so much for choosing my story! Of course, one can't achieve success like this without the support of others.

I'd like to thank my mother, who in high school taught me the value of keeping communication short, regularly yelling at me to "get off the damn phone already!"

Next has been the love and support I've received from readers of my blog, one of whom let the succinct and delightful message "Zzzzzz" when he felt a post was too long.

Finally, thanks to - what? Time to stop? But I can't have used up ninety-nine words alrea-

Susan, being accused of writing a boring post? Been there, girlfriend. Bloggers had better damn well have thick skin.

I forgot to mention: Great work, oh awesome contestants!
And thanks to Amy for making it happen.

Congrats Garden Chick! I had no idea of the murderous depths of your mind. You do know, I'll never look at Daphne the same way again?

This WAS fun--both the reading and the writing. I read my favorites to my husband who decided to enter as well. His were the two Dr. Krankenpflanze stories. (Krankenpflanze translates to sick plants, BTW.)

Thanks for choosing my story. There were so many great ones. I love the idea of the plants really being the ones in charge and their wrangling like the Greek gods atop Mt. Olympus.

I look forward to receiving the garden gloves. You guys know the way to a gardener's heart.

Looks like a typo in your announcement list of winners. It is Mindy Friddle and not indy Friddle....

This was such a fun idea. I loved the stories, they made me laugh out loud.

It was such a pleasure to read all the entries--so gratifying to see such a range of humorous and vivid connections to our gardens--and such fun to write these short-short stories. Thanks, everyone at Gardenrant, for holding the contest, and for choosing two of my micro-stories. I had a clue it was going to be a great day when I discovered a pair of bluebirds had moved in the birdhouse in our yard. And I'm sorely in need of a new pair of gloves. Thank you.

I really enjoyed coming up with my story and reading all the others.

Congratulations to all the winners! I hope this is an annual event.

Yee Ha! Got me some of them gloves, thankee, m'am!
Hey, that was the most fun I've had reading fiction in a very long time. Every single one of them was worth reading. A little insight to the personalities of Rant readers, too!

Amy, what a wonderful idea. Novelists you were all fantastic. I loved reading all the stories and finding a couple of new blogs to put on my must read list. Thank you everyone.

I had so much fun reading all these! And congratulations to all the winners, although I should warn them all that the green monster lurking in the gardener's heart is Envy -- dang it, I need a new pair of gloves!

I think my husband is scared to go out in the garden right now, after he read some of the stories. He doesn't understand that we've all been cooped up in the house all winter, and garden lust has overpowered our normally gentle gardening souls.

Congratulations to all the winners! It was so much fun reading these. What a great idea.

Thanks so much for choosing my microdrama! I had fun writing these little pieces, trying to pare them down to 99 words and still make some sort of sense. Besides, it provided me with hours of procrastination from things I should have been doing.

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