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A step in the right direction. Thank you for posting this!

Bother! Now I had to carry my ancient oak clad PC into my garden so that my 3 sisters bed was blessed too. So thanx Susan, I think. ;-)

Note to self: buy a laptop already!

BTW it's the third time I'm having a 3 sisters bed in my potager. Blogged about it on my Dutch garden blog too as many people over here have never heard of it.

If you are thinking that planting a 3 sisters garden would make a great activity to do with kids, here's a great resource from the Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program. (Full disclosure: I work at Cornell.)

One of my neighbors was inspired by her 7 year old daughter, who was inspired by a school lesson, to plant her first 3 Sister's garden (fully documented) and now there is a summer school 3 sisters garden. They used old fish from the freezer for fertilizer, and no newspapers for mulch. the Native Americans did not have newspaper.A purist approach. Hooray for inspired kids!

Had to miss it due to other Earth Day commitments but this video makes me feel right there - thanks, Susan.

I'm a big fan of the garden at the Museum of the American Indian. If you visit DC, be sure to walk by, even if you don't go inside. It's messy, a bit unruly and teeming with native plants.

I often wonder if one of the curators picks the produce before passerby get a hold of it!

I'm a big Indian fan. Set them free and give them the same rights as everyone else.

Suzq - and if you are in DC TODAY - The NMAI grounds is having a big garden fest - lots of things for kids to dothere too.

As to who picks the produce at NMAI - you can look to the many tourists and also the neighborhood rats that come out at night.

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