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OMG, how exciting for you, and for the environment Susan! This is fabulous news!

Shouldn't we be able to do as well as Canada, where they've banned pesticides for lawns? Or is that too "European."

Go Susan!!!

Very nice work. I'll definitely be putting a post up.

I don't think I saw it in the report (correct me if I'm wrong), but you might add the tremendous cost-savings to the public in not having to do those regular sprayings and mowings, if say they converted a section ofthe property to woodland garden or to a meadow. I think the fiscal appeal may go far in convincing the public in today's economic climate.
Health would be a big next appeal to make -- the incidence of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in landscape workers is truly frightening. The children playing on the White House lawn are the most vulnerable to pesticide exposure.

And I just heard a report on NPR about some profs somewhere who've come up with a real, working way to make ethanol from municipal garbage. Let's get THAT working for us, too.

Love it - but, since we are supposed to be demanding more honesty and transparency in all things "Washington": The Obama's are not the first whitehouse occupants to grow vegetables or have a garden. What they are doing is great but we shouldn't talk about the effort as if no one else has ever done it before. Historically even sheep were grazed on that lawn.

Speaking of lawn - DC is one of my favorite cities to visit. I've walked all over that place and if that lawn is getting premium care and regular applications of chemicals it doesn't show it! Looks about as scrappy as my "lawn" at home (mostly mowed weeds).

Any change would be welcome but you do have to think of the massive number of feet walking those pathways. It seems to me that there are activities held there that need the big expanse of grass just to accommodate all those visitors.

Re-tweeted and added the badge to the sidebar of my blog.


Now this is a meme I can love! See you on Earth Day!

I think the idea of a veg garden on the White House grounds is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, all the leeching of chemicals used to keep that grass so green for all these years has, in my opinion, contaminated the surrounding ground. I wouldn't let my kids eat from that garden. Nice idea though.

Fantastic work, Susan!

I think they should hire you and Ros Creasy to oversee the whole project. And, I bet you'll be surprised to find how supportive the staff might be.

I got to meet a WH grounds supervisor many years ago, I doubt he's still there, but even in the early 90's he was looking for ways to reduce fertilizer use on the lawns.

John, I think you're confusing the National Mall with the White House lawn. The National Mall is a trodden down mess. Unfortunately, the Park service uses it as a playground and books festivals practically non stop between the end of March until Halloween. Guess what, reseeding the lawn would be extremely expensive and in this economy, highly controversial. Akin to studying what makes pig poo smell.

If the newest flying occupants of the White House grounds are expected to thrive, we fellow beekeepers strongly advise against sprayed chemical insecticides of any kind.

Bravo, Susan!!!
You've really hit on something here...and what a terrific document you've put together. If I can think of anyway to contribute...I'll pass my 2 cents along.

LOVE this idea! I've just started blogging about this very topic ( I am excited to participate in the big picture.

I'll be adding "Green the Grounds" as a category on my blog, twittering (trueepicure), and whatever else helps to get the word out.

That would be:

Hey Susan, has anyone looked at the plants INSIDE the White House? So many people forget that indoor gardens are important too, especially during the lean, winter months. I'm curious as to whether they have real or fake plants indoors, and whether the plants are sustainable or rotated out at the first sign of a brown leaf. Any chance of finding out?


What a great idea to get everyone blogging about Green the Grounds and to raise awareness about the simple steps that can be taken to make our gardens greener.

Here's my post about the CT Governor's Residence and from the lack of information available about the grounds and gardens at the Residence I think there may be alot of work to be done.

Here's the link to my post:

The greening of the White House grounds is so big that the U.S. Supreme Court is now involved! Breaking "news" about that on my blog.

Hi Susan,

Thank you for inspiring everyone. Well done!

Here is a link to my post as well:


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