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This is great news! I have to tell you though, that this line made me laugh out loud: "Our main focuses would be composting and vermin culture." Vermin culture! Ha! I assume that Mr. Stevens said vermiculture and got quoted wrong. I'm going to giggle about that all day.

i just read your post and am fascinated by this project. please do follow this and show pics as it takes shape. i am a city "farmer" and i think making use of these vacant city lots is fantastic!

In relation to this story, has anyone ever noted the work done in Philadelphia (and the associated University of Pennsylvania study on greening up vacant lots). I have heard the findings from this study cited numerous places - one would think the City of Buffalo would also be interested in this. See more at...

Sometimes change is fast.

Some powerful people are less-stupid.

Some powerful/less-stupid people eventually see the light.

This will work. Everyone will be happy and the people that fought it will take full credit.

Wish it were my neighborhood.

How did I not find this blog before today? I LOVE it and I see another hour of me sitting here reading it. Thank you!

I'm starting a community garden on a 28 x 400 ft plot on a side street in my city. The plot is located just north of 8 Mile, although, thankfully, Eminem isn't involved!

Congrats! YAY! & now they should try sneaking in a henhouse or two....

But wait--I thought vermiculture only worked indoors or in warmer climates, because the red worms usually used are NOT Buffalo-hardy.

Anyway, who cares? Urban farming is wonderful. The highest possible use for vacant land.

I hope they plant some sunflowers there. In my neck of the woods, the sunflower is entirely under-represented. Thats why I plant them in my yard, and anywhere else I can get them established.
I pair them with black Hollyhocks... I hope the fad catches on, but many folks don't bother with annuals if they aren't pansies or alysum.

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