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What a wonderful story. Hope certainly lived up to her name - having hope and giving hope that things can change, that a model has great power, and that if people can see how to do something they have been given a great gift.

Susan, thanks for this excellent and encouraging story for Earth Day. I'm off to check out the website.

What a great story! And one that could be repeated not only in the gardens of governor's mansion, but what about county parks or the gardens and green spaces at the nation's land-grant universities.

Exactly my thoughts Lawremc. Why note all of our public green spaces? See my 2 cents here -

Ah passion in the garden. And the moral of the story? Find something you do well, and just do it! Now to send a link on to my own First Lady.

Oh, thank you for this story. I’ve visited the gardens at the governor’s house and they’re wonderful. And here’s why: From what I’ve heard, Hope Taft, a Republican, has worked closely with her successor, Frances Strickland, a Democrat, to maintain her vision. I love it when the two parties collaborate for the good of all. Interestingly, although there’s a horticulturalist who does much of the think-work, as well as volunteers who help care for the gardens, there are also prisoners who routinely work in the gardens. Hope springs. Can world peace be next?

The latest and greatest addition to the Ohio Heritage Garden is a Medicinal plants garden, the Lloyd Medicinal Garden, to be installed near the Johnny Appleseed Memorial Tree and the pioneer garden. This garden will show-off medicinal plants used especially by Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists, Inc, in Cincinnati in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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