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If you see squirrels near them, shoot to kill.

so sweet, like small cat - huge head and tiny body :)

No subtlety here! Very very pretty.

I am a huge fan of species tulips. They seem to be about the only carefree repeaters in my Seattle (i.e. soggy) garden. Everything else must rot, but these guys are the greatest. I'm going to look for that one next year!

It's not your fault that you can't capture the color of these tulips. I've just about given up photographing my red tulips. There are certain shades of blue/violet that don't cooperate, either.

Shooting on a cloudy day or when the tulips are in shade might help.

I've been very pleased with the flickr online color editing tools. Start by manipulating the exposure and contrast levels before adjusting the color.

Yummy! A shock of orange is often just the thing. Thanks for sharing.

Holy moly, that's a lot of freaking orange. I love the bright magentas that can't be photographed (well, not by me anyway, Saxon Holt could probably do it). My favorite Hardy Cranesbill is 'Patricia', that bright pink-magenta stunner that I first discovered from Heronswood years ago. I ought to get some flaming bright orange to keep her company.

I painted the kitchen in my first apartment that colour, we had to custom mix it, oddly enough it isn't on a paint deck. It was fabulous. 20 years later, I still think fondly of running through there naked to get to the bathroom. What a shock for a hangover.

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