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The Montreal Botanic Garden has always had neat vegetable/ flower garden combos.

how are those violas planted? are they climbing or are those big planters? i can't tell from the pic.

ooooh,I want to try that.

Oh, jeez, that's gorgeous. (drool)


To answer Jaz's question, they plants appear to be stuffed into coir or the moss used for hanging baskets that is inside a tall form. I took a close look because I want to try to duplicate that next year in my garden.

That looks really cool. It looked like Clematis to me at first glance. If you have a good frame you should be able to do it your garden pretty easily. Have a few spare 'plug-in' plants on hand.

I love the Chicago Botanic Gardens Vegetable and Fruit Garden. They used to do a Great Chef Series (and still may) on the weekends. The Chefs cooked using the veggies from the garden. There were never enough samples to go around.

That was the best-designed part of the vegetable garden at CBG, I thought. It was beautiful and playful at the same time.

It was so fun to hang out with you and Elizabeth at Spring Fling II. The spontaneous blogging discussions on Saturday evening in the hotel business lounge were especially fun for me because I missed participating in them in Austin. Till next year!

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