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1st Lady of Maryland Katie O'Malley is no slouch in the looks department either--plus she's a JUDGE!

THAT'S my governor? Whew..

Polititions are jaded. Obama is getting paid by oil companies to raise prices on gas. Appreciate and save money in your backyard.

As an Ohioan and a gardener, I thought that was a nice move by Mrs. Strickland, to keep Hope Taft in charge of the governor's mansion gardens. The only better move IMHO would have been for her to learn a little something from her predecessor in said gardens! :)

(And yeah... your governor is pretty easy on the eyes, Susan!)

I second your nomination of Martin O'Malley for Hottest Governor. I saw him play with O'Malley's March back when he was still mayor of Baltimore and he was definitely swoon-worthy.

It's great that our governor Sanford has a green garden and is promoting green practices on state property, but that doesn't make him a good person. He's the worst governor our state has had in many decades and when his term is over, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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