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Re top photo: Is that Joe Pye Weed or Autumn Joy sedum with the mauve blooms? What are the yellow blooms on each side of the bench?

Hah! We've been green all these years when we just thought we were being cheap! We NEVER water our lawn and this year is only the second time we fertilized - and we splurged and got the corn gluten because we have dogs and we live in a water shed area.

Hear hear! I never think about that but you are right. With all these green green lawns. Ours is a nice, natural brown. It looks nice bordering our veggie garden and I suspect that the governors' mansions across the country would look equally nice.

Iam removing 1/3 of the lawn and really appreciate the validation I receive from Garden Rant. Since we live in a suburban cul de sac a meadow is not feasible due to covenants. So we are adding more perennials in large with the neighbors. Also posted the ladybug sign "Pesticide Free" in several areas of property. Proud to be organic.

Happy to see another gubernatorial garden. :) Did you get a chance to see the slide show from the governor's home in Annapolis?

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