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I can't imagine anyone visiting a rose nursery and coming away empty handed. I will go right to the link and see what I can order. I already have the three roses you mentioned. The Apothecary rose is running wild in a wet spot right next to where we park our car.

So which one tempted you? I love that you wrote this focusing on roses which don't need molly coddling. You know I don't do that with my roses, and I grow those which are not for exhibition. I'm afraid of the chemicals you need to keep blackspot in check in Oklahoma, and they truly don't bloom that much. I much prefer the beauties shown here and in your photo album. Thanks.~~Dee

Dee, I bought the Kordes Moonlight. It is a yellow/apricot climber that I thought would complement the other yellow climber I have in back of the house, on the alley. It is very difficult to choose here. Now that I know about this place, I am considering coming here whenever I want roses.

SHE SAID: I only have one rose but it is this type and I don't do anything to it. Even in a fairly shady spot, it still flowers enough (see my Bloom Day post) to make it worthwhile. There is no fragrance like that of the old roses.

Ooh... this sounds like a place that I will need to visit someday. :)

Wonderful he is able to grow roses without spraying. Also what that says for newer high maintenance hybrids is keen.

Nice to see a dedicated gardener such as this


Very much like his non-snooty attitude.

Happy National Rose Month!

I love the name "Der Rosenmeister" - some things just DO sound better auf Deutsch.

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