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If I wanted to see a movie I would not be at my computer. I think people who post You Tube are using that instead of writing something informational or entertaining.

On the other hand, I LOVED it and found it plenty entertaining and even a bit informational.

I'm not a bird person.
Got attacked by a pheasant as a kid. Weird story but true.
But if people want to have chickens in the city I think they should be able to as long as they keep them secure within their property, keep the noise level down and keep their area sanitary, just like one would do with any animal/pet.

Sarah Brown, if you don't want to watch a movie on your computer it's as easy as clicking away.

I also found it entertaining. The clip accurately depicts the situation that we environmentally conscious gardeners/foodies run into when we start acting on our outside-the-box thoughts. As I writer, I have to say the choice to see and hear the speakers is probably more effective than the printed word in this case.
Thank you for posting!

I liked the clip! I'm usually more of a text than video person, but I think half the fun of this clip is the characters and personalities of the people shown (and the skateboarder shots!).

Sarah, if you want to read the informational and entertaining things Amy's written about chickens you can see the chicken category of her blog Dirt, or check out the North Coast Journal article she did about them - good stuff! In text format!

I loved this! Those who don't want to know where their food comes from are hiding in a hole. Knowledge is important in ALL things, people!

Yes, I watch lots of movies on my computer because it gives me more choice & flexibility. Sarah Brown, you too have a choice and I assume you are an adult. Use your mouse and click away.

I thought the video was hilarious. I'm for the chickens!

My wife and I worked with a community gardening group called SEEDs to persuade our city council (Durham, NC, pop. 220,000) to allow people to have backyard hens. There was a fair amount of resistance and skepticism at first, but eventually a pro-hens ordinance passed by a unanimous vote.

The basic steps on getting your local government to allow hens?:

1) Get organized,

2) Get allies,

3) Don't give up.

Frank (

One of my neighbors here in Boise has chickens and every time I hear their "braaaaaaak, braaaaak" I start giggling! I hear them only a couple of times a week. On the other hand, my blood boils when I hear another neighbor's dogs bark for hours at a stretch every single day.

loved the video, and i think people use youtube to express

I am a Missoula chicken owner and ever time I see this video, it cracks me up. It was such a hot issue here but it has totally blown over. My neighbors are interested in my chickens in a curious way, but hardly notice them.

I love having the chickens in the yard and my one-year old thinks they are the coolest! She could sit and yell at the chickens all day.

Chickens are quieter than dogs (generally)...and they actually produce food. Long live the chickens!

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