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Yes, even on vacation, we never forget our gardens, and can remember the oddest details about them. And we just hope the caretaker watching over it keeps it at least watered!

I'd rather be in your garden than on any beach, particularly if a nice Alsatian white is being served, and some of your gardening friends are willing to hang out and yak.

I have a friend who looks at her garden and only sees the weeds. I made a vow this year to see the flowers. I take a lot of pictures of my gardens and have decided that I will think of my garden as having moments. So when a poppy blooms and it knocks my socks off with it's weird imperfect perfection, I'll just see it. Not just look at it, but really see it and appreciate it and ignore the fact that what is around it is being consumed by slugs.

Hey, I like that bit of doggerel! I think it's a fine poem.

I like the poem too!

I am often torn about whether, in my old age, I'd rather live by the sea or in a garden. Maybe I can have both.

I passed a house today where there was no garden --nothing but a weedy "lawn", front beds filled with tall thistles and pokeweed and dock, but on the side of the little rambler were two creamy-yellow lilies, almost 6 feet tall and loaded with flowers and buds. First I wanted to sneak in there and dig up the bulbs sometime and put them in my garden where they would be appreciated, but then I thought that perhaps the people who live there will eventually see the beauty of the lilies, and shape a garden around them to complement their beauty.

And I grew up in a garden by the sea, and I would that I could go back there!

And I like that poem too!

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