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My sister's been living in Mexico for 10 years now and would probably warn readers that:
- there are no mortgages in Mexico for Americans, so it's all-cash.
- and there are no title searches, so people have paid their $300K and arrived to claim their new house only to learn it's not theirs.
- there are also squatters that must be dealt with.
- and now that she wants to leave Mexico, she's learned that she can't sell her house without being right there to make sure the realtors show it.

All in all, not a good deal for absentee homeowners.

And if you happen to be the victim of crime, as my sister has, good luck dealing with the infamously bad police there.

Her advice? Visit, don't buy.

Double bougainvillea? I've died and gone to heave. That alone is enough to make me think about moving to somewhere that grows.

Beautiful rose gardens!

Actually many roses will do quite well in a tropical climate and that place being on the Pacific coast in Mexico I will guess it is a relatively dry desert type tropical climate. No black spot or powdery mildew to worry about either. Having said that, roses are just as wretched a plant as bougainvillea, vicious thorny monsters. Roses as shrubs even when they bloom well are not a handsome shrub.

The closer you get to the tropics the more plant choices you have to grow because of increasing species diversity. Why settle for the wretched same old same old when the abundance of tropical flora offers so many spectacular alternatives to S+M gardening.

The double bouganvillea are gorgeous... The ruffles are kind of like this Mock Orange that we can grow, except, of course, the Mock Oranges don't come in fuchsia.

Just saw a Red Banana right here in Eureka CA last week - thriving well on Huntoon St. And we can totally do a type of yellow/ cream-flowering ginger here! Just not the red ones.

I love tropical-looking plants...

Btw, this reminds me to try again to find a gardenblogger in Mexico - esp. someone who's moved there after years of gardening somewhere in the U.S. - to do a guest piece for us. I'd love to hear what's different about gardening there - plants as well as practices and the nursery biz down there.

Mexico City is pretty high up in the mountains so roses do just fine there. On the outskirts of town there is a valley that is famous for an old ancient type of rose. I remember people selling them on the sides of the roads and being told that they ship them all over the country - that roses have some sort of significance to Mexicans.

I spent my summer vacation visiting friends in Colombia and I froze to death - nothing like dressing for the tropics and stepping off the plane to daytime highs in the fifties.

Love the bougainvillea. I dream of bougainvillea 30 feet tall.

Friends are very nice! Friends with seaside houses, extra nice!

Here in florida bougainvilla are thriving and because of the recent economic disaster alot of homes are being undersold including the beachside areas.

Poinsettias like heat and darkness. Why spend money to make them grow artificially?
Isn't there a place they could grow naturally?
Some plants are better grown in Mexico.

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