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As a blogger from a fairly large outdoor company (though not nearly as big as lowes!) I can say that our posts concerning tips, advice, and ideas on design presented in clear-cut ways is what our readers seem to value most when it comes to the posts we're writing.

But even the best content from us, pales in comparison to our wide array of guest bloggers. In my experience, networking and exchanging expertise with others in the field is what I both find most interesting in other blogs, and what our readers respond best to. Think of how many smaller landscape and garden designers, or even nurseries and garden supply centers, would get exposure if they were more invitations for guest blogging on these large corporate blogs, or even big gardening magazines.

If you own a business or provide an expert service, you have an extensive set of knowledge that should be shared with as many people as possible!

I do agree that local experts connecting with other local experts to support a local economy is the best route. But, I also think that the more people who are sharing knowledge, the better.

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