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Wow, spectacular.

I would pay to wander through a sweet pea maze!

For those who live in mild temperate climates the ranunculus is a dependable year after year spring flower, unlike tulips and hyacinthus which require cold dormancy in order to perform year after year.
They bloom about the same time as leucojums, native and other poppies and ornithogalums, which makes for a fantastic late winter garden show.
Very affordable too.

There's a place in Italy where they've bred their own forms of ranunculus and anemone. I haven't been there but a friend has and the photos are spectacular. The flowers are as big as a grapefruit and come in all sorts of odd colors. Me want bad.

Ranunculus was my introduction to working with bulbs and rhizomes, and after thinking I'd 'graduated' to tulips, I went back to them.

Very user-friendly and the results are great.

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