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In Seattle, I always think of Lilacs as Mother's Day bloomers, yet this year, they're already blooming. I almost feel like the NorCal I left behind over ten years ago has followed me north.

I have Yellow Groove Bamboo with 21 new culm shoots, some are 12+" already. My plumeria are even tipping which usually doesn't start until late May. I was optimistic this year and it's pating off. All of the bananas are shooting which means early sales!!

Love the Persian Pearl. I keep meaning to get that one.
I for one love having a bit longer of a growing season. Beats the 4-5 months we usually get!

We are well ahead of "normal" here in east-central Illinois! Green Dragon is up; some Jack in the Pulpit has been in bloom for almost a week.

Green Dragon doesn't normally bloom until well into May; the Jacks bloom about the end of April or so...

Wild Geranium is in full bloom, Larkspur is starting, and Waterleaf is budding (another May plant!).

On the down wild tulips are almost done! :)

It IS a beautiful Spring!

It is an El Nino year.

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