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They grow up so fast (sniff, sniff)!

I'm hoping I get to the California State Flower & Garden Show to see you. Was going anyway (on Friday, I planned), but after I heard you would be there, decided to go Saturday instead.

I noticed the sign in the Seed Bank in Petaluma that you were visiting last week. Unfortunately I actually don't live all that close to Petaluma (was only there to go to a wholesale nursery for a client) and I have to work at my regular job on Wednesday. Otherwise I'd be all over it.

I moved my 4 chicks outside at 5 1/2 weeks. They are in a covered pen with lots of straw and the ever-on heat lamp. They have been very happy. They are 7 weeks old now, still have the heat lamp because it has been a chilly Sac. spring. Next week we hope to have their new coop & pen done. Sure do hope they are all girls! LOL

I love chickens and am so so so jealous of yours. love the blog and pics tho - am living vicariously thru u . can you create a chicken only blog or twitter? Wishing I moved to an area where i could hve chickens...

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