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Disgusting......I am so envious


Oh, that's just lovely. Wish I were there, not really.~~Dee

Not Too shabby is it? ha, ha.

I could handle that back door view

It's beautiful, but I wouldn't want it - I have a strong aversion to pool maintenance.

[A not so subtle plug]

Interested in seeing gardens like this in your area? Check out the Garden Conservancy's Open Days program!

My kingdom for a swimming pool.

I agree with The Troll.

Yes, but I think his childhood was unhappy....

And it's so tidy! And clean!

Hey Susan, I reviewed his memoir, Losing Mum and Pup. He seems to have adored those crazy parents.

Plus, he's got a great pool. I don't see that there is much cause for whining there.

Can it really be called 'work' if it is done in a garden like that?

How does the retaining wall behind the pool drain so that it does not get into the pool water?

Love this blog! Great posts:)

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