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I lied, I listen to LIVE presentations!

I just don't download and listen to podcasts.

This is so timely ! I've been looking for good podcasts to fill my workday - the work I'm doing of late is very repetitive & requires nearly no brain power so I need something engaging to keep from nodding off.

Most of my faves have been mentioned already - Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Stuff You Should Know, The Gestalt Gardener, Fresh Air, Ken Druse ...

Another non-gardening podcast I like is Stuff You Missed in History Class, from the same group that brings us Stuff You Should Know. Simply fascinating !

For New England gardening, you can listen to The Garden Guys Podcasts:

Is there room for shameless self promotion? Teresa O'Connor and I are excited about the guests we've interviewed so far on the Nest In Style podcast, and we've scheduled more for the rest of the year. There are just too many awesome people out there. We want to reach everyone!

Since I travel less these days, I don't listen to podcasts as often, but when I do, they are: Good Enough Gardening, Suze Orman, Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food, 60 Minutes and

I will have to check out everyone's suggestions and update my list. Thanks!

Stuff You Should Know with Chuck and Josh is informative and funny.

Check it out!

I listen to many Garden Podcasts on my commute. In addition to the many listed, I also recommend Davis Garden Show, Greendays Gardening Panel, Gardening in the NorthWest, Get Growing with Farmer Fred, WHYY You Bet Your Garden. Good Enough Gardening remains my favorite.

... oddly enough, I just listened to a Gestalt Gardener podcast & heard my sister (who lives in Mississippi) on the show. She's apparently something of a regular caller ( her words).

Podcasts available of The Garden Guys radio show at

I like KUOW's greendays gardening panel--based in Seattle, they broadcast every week, with a native plants expert, an organic vegetable expert, a mostly-decorative expert, and a nice vibe, plus the speakers aren't full of themselves. I downloaded a a whole bunch once, and most of them are painful. Oh, and I like Alternative Kitchen Garden, she's always interesting and pleasant to listen to.

I love listening to podcasts as I garden, and as an englishwomen, Wiggly Wigglers is hugely funny, but I can understand how you might be perplexed, as I often am when listening to Ken Druse and Good Enough Gardening, - both of which I like, but don't always understand, - we are nations divided by the same language. - Just shows there is need for more gardening podcasts

Wiggly Wigglers is a great gardening/farming podcast and you have to listen to the 225+ shows to get a sense of their real depth. And Tales From Terry's Allotment is beyond stunning (and the Welsh accent is exceptional). The best gardening podcasts are coming from the UK but there is no shortage of good shows. Want more?

Gardening podcasts that are imaginative, entertaining, able to make you smile and laugh... Want still more?

Alternative Kitchen Garden. (UK)
BBC Gardener's Question Time. (UK)
The Garden Show (Canada)
Gardening Tips from Tatton Park. (UK)
Gardening With Tim and Joe. (UK)
Scotland's Gardens. (UK)
BBC Gardening Illustrated Magazine. (UK)
Gardener's Corner (UK)

Going to farming...
BBC Farming Today.

There is something exceptional about the UK shows. They entertain while informing, can make you laugh by not taking themselves too seriously. And you get a chance to hear John Cushnie (he died this year) in the Gardener's Question Time archives. He was/is a treat.

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