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Oh how cute! Anemic agapanthus!

Alas, those won't grow in the Northeast.

Many alliums are great for the upper Hudson valley climate. One of my favorites especially the smaller "drumstick" dwarf varieties.


I looked at your blog as I do every morning and
lo and behold , I see the plant that I have growing
in my garden that just showed up! I figured
it was some sort of an allium and it must have
been mixed in with some drumstick allium I
ordered from a nursery. Thanks for the identification!
Love the plant and love happy accidents in the

Had me scared for a minute - thought you were praising the dreaded Agapanthus, cliché landscape plant and freeway denizen that assaults my sensibilities everywhere in CA.

I think the flowers are cute! Understated, but still attractive.

Oooh, I love allium, and this one looks awesome!

This would be beautiful at my lake house. I was looking for something that will look great by the lake yet, allow use to enjoy the flowers. I love the dark green leaves, too.

I just posted a "Name this Plant" request on my blog and then strolled by the Garden Rant. Lo and behold, spooky!

I too bought this at a plant sale (Boston suburb)and it was labeled "Siberian Chives".

You always have a wealth of information to share. I really like your site.

This reminds me of the monkey grass that grew in my grandmothers yard. I always liked it.

You might think that people can grow anything in their yards. This is not so, I must have the brownest thumb of all because I can not get anything to stay alive. I have been reading books and books about it, maybe this will help. I would love for my place to look like yours.

I would buy this from a garage sale if I saw some there. I think it is very nice. It is so healthy looking.

This allium showed up in my garden too, and I'm glad I didn't weed it out. I really like it and plan to divide it and move it into another garden bed where it would fit very well. Thanks to your post, at last I know which allium it is.

You have a great green thumb. I would like my house to have these kinds of plants in my yard. They look nice.

I know I'm going to be in the minority here but this plant is driving me nuts. I'm ready to pull mine up. Everything hides under the leaves. Every time i go to water or do anything close some creature pops out and gives me a scare.

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