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Wow, those lilies look amazing! The smell must be intoxicating.

Thanks for the reminder. I really need to plant some of them!

I cannot be the only person who thinks lilies smell vile. Look beautiful, smell like decay.

Wish we could grow those here!

I love the way you are thinking. There is nothing nicer than pretty smelling flowers growing in my neighborhood.

If you don't like the smell of lilies, plant something like tuberoses.

Personally, I think lily scent wafting through the summer air is divine.

Romance is in the air!

Love your photo~! One year I had to "stake" my Casablanca Lilies by tying them into the low hanging branches of the River Birch they were planted under- like 7 feet tall and FRAGRANT!

Do any of you have problems with lily leaf beetles? Other than vigilance & squishing, has anyone found a remedy? They have DECIMATED my lily collection.

We love going green and believe everyone should start to grow their own food. Its a much better way to stay healthy and to create less carbon emissions. I love Romain Lettuce. There are also some fruit trees that are great to grow. Very Easy. Also if interested check out this cheap plant store online.

Cheap Everything and even a FREE PLANT!!

I also can not stand the smell of lilies. We were at Longwoods for Lilypoluza, if I had a puffer I would have been using it. I remained inside as long as I could for my honey, but I got woozy and had to get out. I love lilies, but only plant the non scented kind. Otherwise I do hunt for the scented flowers.

I raise both orientals and asiatics... can't find any fragrance from any of it my nose??? I can smell most things a mile off...not my lilies.

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