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I'm going to have to get the book and plan a trip. Obviously there is more to Saratoga than Mrs. London's pastry shop.

Agreed on the point that some kind of gardening is better than nothing. Typical annuals are gateway plants to more adventurous gardening approaches.

Mrs. London's *sigh*

Also, if you visit Saratoga, be sure to go to Yaddo. Their gardens are open to the public.

I haven't a clue what the plant is, though it reminds me quite a bit of sevenbark hydrangea. Hmmm ...

I think the plant is a deinanthe caerulea.

Must plan a visit to Saratoga now...

Saratoga shows it's true sole after racing season. Still a vibrant but calming city.
Will be there in late September for a trade show at City Center


What a beautiful garden.

I have to applaud the city of Saratoga Springs for their efforts. Even if they don't stray too far from the standard impatiens and begonias, what's important is that they do something and it works.
The city's garden tour is another story. While I'm sure that there are many fantastic private gardens in the city they sure haven't been on the garden tour (although I'll admit I was not able to make it this year). Too many 'me too' gardeners with landscapes installed a few months prior to the tour. The organizers should vet these a little better and tell those who want to get on it to wait at least a few years to let their garden grow in.

Perhaps Deinanthe bifida with the white flowers.

Could the mystery plant be Dienanthe?

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