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I was very interested to see the knockout roses instead of annuals... so much nicer even if they aren't the most refined plant. But you're right, they are absolutely low care (compared to bedding plants especially) and they look great all the time. A good choice.

Thanks for the tour of Our House.

Glad to see the vegetable garden was not just for show, but is an ongoing enterprise. I love that their bees are working out well, too. 100 pounds per year seems like more than even the White House chefs could use. What a good example for the whole country.

Thanks Susan!

I also was glad to see that the White House vegetable garden is a going enterprise. Think how good the soil will be after 8 years of care.

With your blessing, I have posted one of your photos on Garden Variety and urged readers to find the rest here and at your new digs. Nicely done, my friend!

Great post. I get to D.C. every few years and always check out the US Botanical Gardens to see what is happening but I never knew I could get a tour of the White House time, I'm in for sure!

But the Knockout roses??? Rats. Those darned things are going to completely destroy the rose breeding industry.

Darn it knockout roses, must you be everywhere. I swear they're secretly Russian Spies! Those are some awesome pictures, I wonder how much the Obama's are outside in their gardens. By the end of the presidency, I hope they have some nice family pictures.

I am slightly green with envy at your visiting this garden. Did Michelle ask you for any advice yet?

Really loved your tour. I have not been to DC in a very long time so this was a treat.

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