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This is beyond outrageous. The highest role of government--maybe the only one that really matters--is protecting the many from the few who'd hurt us for their own profit. In other words, Bayer. The EPA is a complete failure.

Just in time, of course, for more evidence that pesticides are counterproductive:

Thank you for this post. I will do my best to pass the word...

Education is the key! Garden Rant is certainly doing their part! It can be a slow process, but keep spreading the word!

Many potting soils have systemic insecticides.

How many non-gardeners, aka majority of purchasers, know what this means?

Use the soil, put in your pretty plants. Voila, KILL, all the lady bugs, butterflies, honeybees & etc. attracted to your blooms, foliage.

How did we get here?

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

(Thank you Garden Rant for all you do.)

I'll put the link on my Facebook page.

I read an article in (I think) the London Times online last year about CCD in Europe and possible causes. The neonicotinoids have been banned over there for several years now, but do we do the sane thing and follow suit? Nooooo! And unfortunately, since the multinationals now effectively constitute the government of this country (having all 3 branches of govt. in their employ), things probably will stay status quo at best, and get even more evil at worst. I despair.....we're being guinea-pigged to the death in the world's largest science experiment.

I've also been in the position of watching the big box stores (and even some local nurseries) recommend pesticides and herbicides to innocent new gardeners...and I've intervened, much to the irritation of the salesperson. Sadly, many gardeners look for a quick fix for their problems and don't educate themselves about the long-term effects of their actions. Yes, blame the corporations--but it's time for consumers to educate themselves about the chemical warfare used not only on our produce--but all of our food chain. And, as experienced gardeners and producers, we need to help educate them--even if it means ticking off some salespeople.

Thanks for all that you do in sharing knowledge!


My husband's uncle is a Big Ag salesman for Bayer. We've, well, not "clashed" ... but I guess we've "had our differences of opinion" over the things he hawks. He bristles when I recommend organic mulch & ladybugs as solutions to garden problems; I bristle when he talks about his company's latest poison. I know he's got to defend his employer and the way he's chosen to feed his family. But I feel the need to defend my family, myself, my food & my home from pesticides - and thus we 'discuss'. I haven't figured out yet how he reconciles his otherwise spotless image as a caring father & member of the community with selling chemicals that will potentially harm said community more than they will ever assist it.

Now if his company focused on organic defenses & making sure they were applied correctly, then we might have a productive discussion. But I guess that's not the kind of science they're interested in.

Thanks for the link, I just want to spread the word as widely as possible. I love honeybees, and fear for their survival. They are such intelligent and remarkable creatures.
In the Ask the Master Gardener column in my local paper, someone wrote in asking whether, if they sprayed weed killer to kill grass & weeds under a rosebush, it would harm the rose. I nearly choked on my coffee. This better living through chemicals mentality has got to stop.

One goes through life with so many vague suspicions, and the average person just has no way to access what's really going on in Corporate America. It can make a person feel paranoia, even while knowing that something, something is happening somewhere that we can do little about all by ourselves. Thank you so very much for this information. I drew this cartoon years ago, and now the information is finally coming into focus.

It is depressing that the government does not protect our food production the way it should, all aspects of food production, and this story points out the importance of all of us doing our bit to educate the public. Thank you for this information which I will pass on. As a former beekeeper (until I developed a severe allergy) I try to pay particular attention to the state of the honeybee world.

Waiting for the Garden Professors to weigh in on this - either here or on their blog...


Penn State has been "leading" the research into CCD for years now. They just hosted a world-wide pollinator conference this past summer. If you want to google something, start with the connection between Bayer Agro Science and Penn State. Bayer gives Penn State millions of dollars. Of course, there's no conflict of interest there. Yeah, right.

The Garden Professors have weighed in here:

And the Scientist Gardener here:

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