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Just went looking for the business of garden writing group on facebook.....does not exist

"No results found for your query.
Check your spelling or try another term".


These are "secret" groups that do not show up on searches. The idea behind the "secret" is to create groups that are made up of people who have a real interest in what we are doing, as opposed to those who search around and join every group they come upon. These new groups grow from current members adding friends to the new group. You need a connection (like me)to add you to the group.

One result of embracing new media is sparking peoples passions. We had a bit of a dust up at my blog between one of the Garden Rant authors and a grower of retail ready plants. Amy told in no uncertain terms what she thought of Hort Couture's marketing efforts. Hort Couture answered back, and the results? Great, uninhibited passion. That is what we need right now to grow our businesses, passion.

One thing Susan failed to mention is her involvement in the group. As a paid nursery blogger for 3 independent garden centers she will be helping to make the connections that will take this group to a new level. She quoted me above, "...Interesting alliances may be formed that might not have been thought of before." The retail nursery trade has in the past been somewhat reticent to embrace new media. Yet, that is what is going to allow us to connect to the people who will support and help grow the local, independent garden center.

Thanks Trey: Did not think they would make something up like that. Anyway ow does one join this group. I am snowed in here in The Hudson Valley and need somehting toass the day away.

I have been hounding our marketing dept to do something with or take down our Facebook page. We have a three store garden, farm market gourmet foods, butcher, sea food bakeries etc. and our FB page just sits there beacuse the marketing fifedom won't give up any real etstate. I am the Garden Buyer and have said I would do the page and include every dept in the company......

othing worse than having a FB presence and leaving it go stagnant.


I have search in Facebook for the group that you have mentioned as you mentioned in post. Unfortunately there is no such group. Can you clarify this please.

@wren....this is a "secret" group. Just go on to FB friend Trey and ask him to invite you in to the group

I did that yesterday and already in the group. Looks like a really excellent opportunity for IGC folks to share ideas etc w/o interference from those not in the industry


All of this is good information. Yes, I chuckle when I think how blogs in general were received by my industry (writing)when I first started and how they are now received. It's all very interesting, but I would say, if you don't already blog, you may have missed the boat. The web is filled with bloggers, and social media like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Plurk have surpassed some bloggers. I also think we need to remember this is a community and treat it as such. Visit other bloggers. Don't think our voice is the onlyne out there. Engage. Talk. Write.~~Dee

Some may have missed the boat, but there are plenty of niches still to be filled. Right when you think everyone, especially in the horticulture business, knows about how to use social media you find out otherwise. There are still many who want to jump in but don't know where to start. That's the purpose of our group.

Don't count me in the "consensus" of that magazine.

In marketing communications there are many media choices. Leaving blogs and social media off the menu is still possible but at a cost just as not including any traditional media is still an option, but with a cost. The cost of lost opportunity is great and getting greater.

Still, struggling to craft an appropriate message is not within the skill range of most garden centers with new media any more than it has been in traditional media.

Using a copywriter or someone like you Susan is a great option as is searching the staff to find someone with the appropriate skill and talent as well as the time.

As far as I know there are no official qualifications to be a "blogger" or on social media. I don't "get it" as to why exclude the trade media from the "secret" Facebook group. Most of them blog and are on social media. So much for growing the business through "uninhibited passion"?

to clarify, there are already members of trade media at the garden writers group. The nursery group is for people who own or are employees for an independent garden centers. Trade magazine writers would not qualify for the nursery group, but would for the writers group.

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