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What a you waiting for?
Get you LED as soon as possible.

It is beautiful, the light spectrum alone is art. The cost is high, though. I wonder if LED lights could be added to an older grow light set up somehow. I have a couple of units and would love to change them out to LED.

I had no idea LEDs could be used as grow lights. Maybe they'll get cheaper.

How often do the lights change? Is it manual? Because my initial thought from the first pic is "plants at the disco!"

I've been looking to get an LED set up for awhile now. Maybe this will bring me there.

People are always asking me about those Aero Garden things (which I've never tried) any thoughts on similarities, differences?

I am incredibly skeptical about the whole changing light colors for fruiting thing -- I try to follow the research on light quality, and I've never heard anything like this... I'll comb through the literature and make sure, but I'm pretty sure it is a totally bogus claim. (maybe on of The Garden Professors could weigh in on this?)
The red and blue lights are cool looking at first, but I find them incredibly unpleasant to work under for any period of time.

Who needs hallucinogens when you can have one of those set-ups?

I may pee myself if you give one of these away. I so want one to start veggies with! I can already taste the cantaloupes....

This is such a cool gadget. I love that the packaging is completely compostable too!

I wonder how many of those things are growing marijuana. Probably a lot!

I love this. It is like light therapy for your house plants. I also really like the light effect and if I was all avant-garde would put one one my ceiling.

The cost is high. I saw this unit at the IGC show. While many understand the factoring of costs over 20 years the intial sticker shock may be a detriment.
There are many LED lights coming on the market. My favorite thus far is from LUMIGROW. It is 100% made in USA. It is a real grow light that keeps up with HID energy hogs. As for changing the color according to growth phase it makes sense. It is no different than the color spectrum found in T5 and Metal Halide and Sodium lights. The cool thing about the LUMIGROW light is you can dial in the color changes as your plants go through different cycles from vegetation to flowering fruiting phases


I wonder if my family had done their Christmas shopping? This needs to be on my wish list.

I too immediatley thought Disco! And until I can figure some way to keep the fabulous furry felines out of any seed starting efforts, the lighting is immaterial, the plants are doomed.

I would love to hear your results after your Spring seed starting. Are you going to do a side by side comparison? I'd like to see how plants under LED do as opposed to traditional lighting. I'm very intrigued by the whole idea, and although pricey, I would consider the purchase if I was sure that it was worth it. So, more info please....

Wow. Love this item.

I'll be watching the market with an eye to purchase in a few years, when the price comes down.

We sell these light at the nursery.

hb says, "I wonder how many of those things are growing marijuana. Probably a lot!"
That's what is fueling the interest, and production of LED grow lights.

As far as using them in your home be aware they are very different than the light you are use to. They change the color of the plants in a not very complimentary way. Plants do not look green under this light. As Joseph said above, "The red and blue lights are cool looking at first, but I find them incredibly unpleasant to work under for any period of time."

These light's will be the wave of the future for indoor grows. Mostly though it's people who are producing plants for a economic reason, and don't care about what the plant look's like under the light. LED's are fun, if your a plant geek, or commercial grower.

I've always loved LED lights for their size and efficiency, but never thought about them in the context of gardening before! Personally I won't be able to afford it any time soon, but the price seems worthwhile if someone still has money for plants paying for the setup. Thanks for keeping us posted as always! :)

Hey, just to answer a couple questions and comments--the lights do not change crazily or constantly (I don't notice them changing at all), so it's not like a disco in your living room. Also, this model does not cast light all over the room, so you won't be working under them or around them or otherwise being right in the path of red or blue light. Of course, at night, in a dark room, there's a weird purple glow around the thing, but otherwise it does not fill your room with red/blue light.

I briefly moved from Zone 9 to Zone 6 for work last year and purchased an LED grow light so I'd be able to bring a few plants & new seeds along. Granted it wasn't the exact system mentioned here, it was an LED grow light. I agree with Jenn - the light is unpleasant to work near. It was set up on my kitchen counter at first and I ended up moving it to the shed. Also, I found it did great with established plants but not so great with seedlings - probably because I only had one bulb and couldn't get the seedlings close enough (?) Thanks for reminding me about the LED light, Amy! I am going to set up some of my tropicals in the shed when it gets cold.

That is just way too expensive...maybe I will string my Christmas lights together under the counter and see what happens.

just went to the local indoor pot growing store, explained that i wanted something for my living room, and they recommended T5 fixtures way over LED for the reasons everyone stated above.

just not pleasant light for the living space.

they also were skeptical of any improved plant growth to compensate for the improved cost.

I agree with Joseph - what would Linda Chalker-Scott say about this?

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