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I too am a big fan of all the exotic Cucurbits...they are so beautiful to look at, and am now beginning to realize how much more tasty theya re. I just roasted one of the cheese pumpkins from our fall display, and it was deliciously sweet and nutty. Will definitely try your suggestions next season!

I think one of the problems with newbie pumpkin cooks is that some recipes give long winded instructions about chopping up the meat after peeling and then boiling in an extra large pot of water - total waste of time! Take a hatchet, chop the sucker in half or whatever pieces will fit into your oven and roast them til they smell done or a knife cuts through them easily (it may take an hour or so). And don't forget to roast the seeds - yum yum yummy.

I finally have a yard big enough and sunny enough for the big vine crops. Now my only problem will be showing restraint and just plant a few of each.

John, you're right! Peeling, egads. I chop them in quarters and stick them in the oven on a cookie sheet. Works for all purposes.

The irony is that Libby's Pumpkin Pie in a can is not pumpkin at all, but rather a type of hubbard squash.

My Jarrahdale didn't "make it" this year; one fruit started, then fell victim to critters; the plants were then apparently overwhelmed by conventional pumpkins :(

Wait 'til next year :)

Lucky you! - no squash vine borers? I have tried every organic method to kill them - with no success. Very frustrating.

I was so disappointed in the farm-bought pumpkin this year - it had no flavor - I decided to grow my own next year. Thanks for the ideas re varieties. And I too plan to grow them in the meadow. They can sprawl to their hearts content.

Pumpkins are really looking very sweet,i always love to try different variety Recipes with this...Simply Amazing!!! Ur idea is very usefull,Thanks For This suggestion ....Next Season i will be the first one to try this in my garden...

"Saved" dozens of pumpkins destined for the dumpster after serving their "decorating" function and placed in groups of three and six along the forest-edged meadows behind our condo. Hoping to feed squirrels, deer, and hope to see "surprise" pumpkins in the mesdows.

I'm rather partial to the Japanese version of pumpkin, Kabotcha squash. It makes a fantastic roasted squash soup and it's the one used for tempura in Japanese restaurants. It's also the only squash my husband like. It is a smooth texture and has a wonderful sweetness to it.

I may try a half-Kabotcha, half MdC. Though by the post above, Foy says they don't even use pumpkin in the canned pumpkin. I'll have to plant a few New England pies along with my Kabotcha and MdC and find a nice balance of flavor by mixing these three.

I roasted a whole Jarradale in the oven. After it was done, I peeled and seeded it. The seeds were warm and I wonder if that will kill the viability. Any ideas?
Could you post a good link of pie recipe?

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