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That's very cool! It is odd to write about plants you don't know but you did, even the most obscure species, good service! I find myself giving multiple copies of the book as gifts for the second year in a row!

Castor Bean,poppy, foxglove
there is danger in all the above,
though their blossoms are sweet
they can stop your heart beat
and you're spirit will be carried off by a dove.

Amy, I think I had better read your book again. I didn't realize I grew so many wicked plants!

I worry about my dog, he still chews things out in the garden.


Must . . . not . . . order . . . for . . . Mother-in-law!

Splendid idea!

Oooo ... now I know what to give following last year's "Wicked Plants" gifting bonanza - the actual Wicked Plants !

There once was a Wiccan named Cat,
Who craved 'Wicked Plants' just like dat.
When she heard of the seeds
She just about peed!
That funky, cool Wiccan named Cat!

I love foxglove. I wish I could get it to self seed more readily.

Genius idea Amy! What a package. I wish you made a little something deserve it.

Great idea for garden authors in general as new sources of revenue should be tapped. It's not an easy full time gig.

You chose a great organization to benefit from your idea in any case.

No payment? They should at least do a "sale with your book" display.

Yes, perfect gift for my Mother in Law.

This collection of seeds is superb
For flowers and bees and birds.
When planting, beware
you must handle with care;
Add a sign that says "Do Not Disturb".

There once was a double Datura
who's flowers were purple to lure ya.
But don't eat it, bro.
You'll get high, I know.
You don't want to die, now do ya?

Tobacco is nice. I'm not jokin'!
His leaves look so beautiful growin'.
He's chalked up some losses,
from the cancer he causes.
It's not his fault you decided to smoke him.

love the idea of "wicked plants"...are they just as wicked as everything else in Maine...or from LLBean??? lol

I LOVE growing Datura but never tried any of the others in your seed collection. Pick ME so I can try them all!

And it's too cold here in Detroit to limerick!

Can I get some real opium poppy? i have icelandic poppies, california poppies but would love the georgeous opium poppy. My father used to have some.

I want to be a witch and would like a starter kit. There, I said it;)

Looking forward to your SF appearance - please find some time to visit your fans at the SF Botanical Garden/Strybing Arboretum, just down the road from the Conservatory of Flowers.

Monkshood is one of my mother's favorite plants; she has the late and earlier blooming varieties. One year, the deer ate it down. That same fall, I found 3 dead deer in the field behind the house. Coincidence?

Still hoping that the chipmunks will be stupid enough to eat the daffodils.

and what about Lousiana? Can they make it
in our very woo woo climate?

I grow many of those wicked plants -- for their beauty, sure. But mostly because the deer also know they're poisonous.

OMG you have no idea how long I've been looking for the caster bean seeds.... i had one a few years ago.. My BFF doesn't believe me that they really exist... WHOOO HOO.. I'm ordering mine right now...

I love wicked plants and I thank @aHaModernLiving for the RT that's how I found you : ) Can't wait to get some growing : )

I can't think of any clever limericks, but I would like to win these! I love Botanical Interests' beautiful package art, and that combined with the Wicked Plants design means that it's going on display if I win! :)

Great idea. I love Nicotina and use lots of Botanical Interest seeds. Love the packaging and helpful info. Thanks for the chance to win.

The Wicked Woman of The Rant
Wants us to grow a villainous plant
Choose ricin, datura, digitalis
Tobacco or opium
But not cannabis

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