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Do you follow the "rules" and keep them cold for at least 12 weeks?

Bulbs can take freezing, but only if they have good roots. If the soil freezes solid before they put down roots, the bulbs will turn to mush when it thaws. If you think about it, every winter the ground freezes a good 2+ feet down. Bulbs survive. So it's something we're doing when we put them in the garage (either letting them freeze too quickly or taking them out too early).

Nothing difficult or specialized about a dedicated fridge with a disabled light, full of flower bulbs?


I keep them in the garage until April, treating them just as if I had planted them outside, so that is not the issue. The problem is that the garage is just as cold as outside, pretty much, and a pot is not the same as planting in the ground. However, tulips planted by this method do fine. So now I only plant tulips in the pots.

So the hyacinths and narcissus turn to mush? Interesting. I would have thought the tulips would be more difficult.

My question about the 12 weeks was meant to apply to your forced hyacinths. I have mine sitting in vases in the basement right now. I don't feel like waiting a full 12 weeks! Have you found that it's certain failure if you pull them out early?

You must spend a fortune on pots every fall or do you buy them at garage sales in the summer? One of these years, I'll try forcing some hyacinths. They're so wonderful.


No, only the hyacinths turn to mush when left in the garage in pots--not really a forcing situation. BTW, hyacinths only require 8 weeks chilling when you are forcing them. Tulips require 12.

Deirdre, I use a lot of containers outside, so these are multi-purpose.


Thanks for the info. I've forced hyacinths for years on water and only had problems with a few cultivars. This winter I read about forcing bulbs and started second guessing my personal experience.

I'm attempting to grow narcissus, tulips, and hyacinths together in a large pot this winter. It was necessary since my mother did not get around to sticking them in the ground. The pot is in my parents' basement (garage gets too cold when it's 5 outside). I am so curious as to whether the bulbs will do well. It's agony waiting to see!

BTW, my mother has about a hundred forcing vases. She no longer uses 1/2 of them. Some of them are antiques (like the ones in your photo), some are not. Let me know if you're interested.

Lucky people to have gotten your bulbs as holiday gifts!

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