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I reviewed Grow The Good Life on my blog today - An inspiring garden book with no pictures - that doesn't need pictures.

As an aspirational vegetable gardener and a fan or Michelle Owens' writing, I would love to have this book!!!!!!

I've been looking for this book at my local book store - when will it hit the shelves? It sounds like she is making the point that I often make when giving a talk about my garden. That certain flavors can only be experienced if you grow the plants yourself. It's not another lecture about fresh being better for you - it's about flavor.

I wish I had thigh high nasturtiums in my yard.

Even a noncook and newbie veg-grower like myself loved this book. Love-love-love.

What we don't need is more how-to writing. What we DO need is passionate, inspiring writing like Michele's.

Also? I love the jewelry and lipstick!

I never thought of growing parsnips. I need to be inspired to grow beyond what I've grown before.

I would probably buy, or at least read, this book, just because I love the photo of the author. First of all, look at her clothes. I'm not saying she actually GARDENS in a cute little t-shirt, tight jeans (with belt) and a necklace ...... but she looks like she could. She is wearing what look like proper wellies, too. Mainly, it's the necklace thing. I remember reading an article about the Queen Mother, back in the day, and the accompanying photo showed her fly fishing in one of those long pearl necklaces from the Gilded Age. Undoubtedly worth zillions of pounds sterling. I don't know that she gardened -- seems doubtful -- but I bet she bossed her head gardener, named something like Hamish McDougall, around wearing that same necklace.

V. Sackville West used to garden wearing riding jodhpurs and pearls. Sometimes in a skirt, too, and one of those dear little '30's cloches. Does anyone garden wearing skirts these days, other than Mennonites, Amish and home-schoolers?

Anyway, kudos to Michele Owen for wearing a RED! necklace. Most of all, though, I love her sassy, hip-cocked stance and twinkle-eyed grin. Doesn't she look like she knows something she doesn't know? And the book sounds great too. I'll bite.

well, obviously I meant 'doesn't she look like she knows something YOU don't know?' :)

Although I tend to be the overseer of the flowers in our garden, my husband, the vegetable guy, would love this book. And if the book is as good as you say it is, maybe it will inspire me to step out into that veggie patch as well!

THANK YOU for #1.

Gardening/landscaping is treated as a 'problem, or, 'work' in the public realm.

Garden/landscape radio shows & most TV , are about PROBLEMS.

Why? So they can SELL something.

Particularly offensive are garden/landscape monthly to-do listings. Odd, my sweet garden/landscape requires little 'to-do'.

Want a vegetable garden? Make it a POTAGER. Create lovely patterns, add flowers, shrubs, groundcovers, paths, edging. Easy to plant/harvest, GORGEOUS ALL YEAR. A centuries old idea.

Love the ATTITUDE of Grow The Good Life !

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

I have many how-to books but the inspirational ones are the real treasures. This sounds like one of them and I would love to win it.

Oh this book is just making February seem that much longer and colder! I just ordered my seeds from Fedco last week and I can't wait to get them in the mail so I can start growing again. I just the line in this book about seeds being someone's ungrateful children! This book will go on my Must Buy list.

Sounds like a wonderful book to read while waiting for the ground to warm up. And since my other gardening books are 25 plus years old, this one would be a welcome addition.

I've been thinking of expanding my small veggie patch to experiment beyond tomatoes and zucchinis. A little inspiration's just what I need! Looking forward to this book. Thanks Michele.

I've been waiting for this book to come out, and I'm more than happy to have been able to read a mini-review on it! Her views on a vegetable garden is how I want mine ultimately to be like - a space of beauty and peace that also has the upside of feeding me! [only on year two of my major garden, still have lots of things to improve on!]
Spring, where are you?! Get rid of this ice/snow on the ground and let me plant my radishes!

Sounds like a wonderful book. We can always use more inspiration!

Hahaha... "seedstarting is babysitting" (love it!) I just ordered a heat mat and grow light yesterday from Amazon. :) I am planning on being more successful this year... last year was "practice." I can't wait to have unique varieties of plants growing happily in the back yard! ♥

Just reading the description makes me want to chisel away at my frozen garden beds--as if it could make spring come any faster. This sounds like wonderful book.

I've written 8 gardening books and read very few as they come out. This one, however, is already on order from Amazon. Thanks Michelle

Sounds like a great book, I would love ideas how to grow my veggie garden in a more attractive way.

I woulld love to own this book. Sounds right up my alley. Was just inroduced to your blog. It sounds right up my alley too!

I don't plant alot of veggies but have started adding them to my flower beds because they offer a little "OH..." when we walk the yard in the evening. It also allows me to add new veggies without increasing the size of my vegetable garden. Reading your review of Michele's book makes me want to read it also and plant more vegetables. I would LOVE a copy of the book!

This sounds like a perfect book to occupy my hands to keep me from trying to start my seeds too early. And I love babysitting the sensitive little ingrates. (of course, I like cats, too, so I'm a glutton for it.)

What can I say..........if I don't win it I'll buy it anyway. Michele is a great writer.

Thanks for the recommendation. I hope I win!

Just started some artichoke seeds, and I am a proud mama. Love the lipstick and skinny jeans in the bean patch.

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