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Start a blog, Tom! Another gardening voice locally would be great. Another six dozen garden bloggers after that and we'll be half-way to the number Austin has.

Those are gorgeous ! High school, you say ? Wonder what it would take to get a program like that going at one of our (Sacramento region) local schools ? Maybe we could get UC Davis to help out ...

Wow, what a refreshing sight after a long, mean NY winter! And how fortunate those kids are to have such a learning experience. I'm going back 40 years and feeling extremely jealous.

Dutchess County BOCES at one time, perhaps still does, had a horticulture program as a two year program........a needed format in our industry,


Wow those flowers look lovely, so colourful.

I think it's great to get youngsters into gardening, it's good for kids as it's so visual - they can really see the results!

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